What would be our home without the sensuality of textiles?


Textiles are enormously important to the atmosphere in a room, the acoustics and your own style. To ensure that our customers do not need to test long that might fit, we design and produce now since 2009 for the brand SCHÖNER WOHNEN. These are mutually combined in many ways and feel in many home interiors home. The best thing about this collection: Next to a coupon programm, we already have as well finish stitched cushion covers and curtains.


The meter

The fabrics of the collection SCHÖNER WOHNEN we offer as pieces as well as a coupon programm on the market. Our coupon samples show the consumer the already versatile combination possibilities of the collection and inspired by decoration proposals on the samples.


The cushion covers

We offer a wide range of cushion covers, produced out the fabrics of SCHÖNER WOHNEN. They are smooth, with structural, plain or with stripes and motifs. Depending on the decor and fabric, our cushion covers are available in sizes 38x38cm, 50x50cm and 40x60cm.


The curtains

In addition to our great range of cushion covers, them our collection also offers a wide selection of ready made curtains. In range are curtain with eyelets, curtains with hidden taps and curtains with loops.


The plaids

Wonderfully soft and big enought to snuggle. With the plaids of SCHÖNER WOHNEN, we have expanded our product range in 2013. Available these are in size 140x180cm and different colors - from subtle tones of up to rich red and blue.


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Meters, Cushion Covers, Curtains and Plaids