Our JOOP! READY MADES present themselves in fine materials and exclusive designs. From elegant jacquard to flowing fabrics in transparent look - the ready made curtains are available in multiple variations. Other options include clear graphic pattern with stripes, squares or circles and plain fabrics in bright or subtle tones. The JOOP! READY MADES work in harmony with the world of living JOOP! LIVING and are consistent with other accessories, such as our cushion covers or plaids from our collection.

In addition to the license for the ready-made products from the JOOP! READY MADES collection, we offer our customers as a coupon program for the brand JOOP! of. The coupon collection consists of a variety of high quality curtains and decorative fabrics. From exclusive burnout through to sophisticated and modern but embroidered curtain is to find something here for every discerning taste. Also, this collection is, as the JOOP! READY MADES, perfectly matched, so here the combination possibilities are endless.