The Esprit home Collection 2014 is a journey that brings something special into our homes. Harmony, serenity, joy. Inspired by the pulse of life from around the world.

Buenos Aires, Palma de Mallorca, Cape Town, Stockholm - each of these cities has its onw character and its own style, and each of them has influenced our new collection.

Discover the new Esprit home inspirations for yourself.


BUENOS AIRES - The rhythm of joy

Buenos Aires is proud, impulsive, sensuous. Buenos Aires is tango. Pure engergy. This city does not live in three-quarter time. It has its own rhythm. Brightly coloured, loud and unpredictable, it celebrates life and flirts unashamedly with opposites. A dance of colours across all shades of the rainbow. Style that bespeaks of pure emotion, ranging from flowery exuberance to intentional pairing of different styles.


PALMA DE MALLORCA - Serenity under southern sun

Palma de Mallorca has a side that it likes to keep to itself. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it leans back and enjoys a siesta. Behind the thick walls of the old city, it sinks into a world of brilliant white, diffuse batik blue and deep indigo. Pure serentity. Pure denim feeling - between soothing patterns, cool cotton and textured linen.


CAPE TOWN - The nature of contrasts

A cosmopolitan metropolis, a place you will always want to visit again, a cultural melting pot on the ocean - Cape Town is many things, in particular a city with on open mind. Modern lifestyles blend with tratitional African origins on the street as well as at home. Radiant orange-red, glowing pink, soft beige and brown tones are augumented by strong, spirited patterns. Sometimes ornemantal, sometimes playful, but always authentic.


STOCKHOLM - The power of Stillness

Inside the crackling of the fireplace, outside a world coated in frosty sugar icing. Stockholm loves winter and knows how to make the most of it. Why rush through the day when you can relax among soft pillows, warm blankets and delicate colours, dreaming of next spring? Why not simply abandon yourself to daydreaming? Cosily snuggled in bed, surrounded by a kaleidoscope of clear Scandinacian patterns.